Triple S. liquid Extreme Curly

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Triple.S Wavy Curly is specially designed for wavy and curly hair to softly smooth the hair structure. The Liquid Wavy & Curly straightens and tames the hair without losing its volume. WASH, BLOW-DRY – DONE! The Straightening System 2.0 works with high-quality, smoothing and regenerating ingredients. An innovative amino acid complex is used to build up new sulfur bonds in the hair. These are activated as soon as the hair is blown dry and de tangles with your fingers after washing it. The incredible result: a smooth hair structure that looks just like natural straight hair. No loss of volume and guaranteed beautiful hair movement. The TRIPLE.S LIQUID is suitable for all types of hair: straight, curly, course, fine.

How to use

THE FASTEST PERMANENT HAIR STRAIGHTENING SYSTEM IS HERE! Look no further, as you've found the only product you'll ever need for straight, healthy hair. The exclusive TRIPLE.S LIQUID provides long-lasting, straight hair for up to six months. With its five amino acid formula - hyaluronan, milk proteins, hydroxy acetic, lipoid acid, and acetylsalicylic acid - the TRIPLE.S LIQUID penetrates the hair's Sulphur bridges, generating new ones to create sleek, shiny hair. STEP 1 First, wash the hair with NEWSHA Deep Cleansing Shampoo. STEP 2 Apply TRIPLE.S LIQUID to towel-dried hair, massaging into lengths and ends. Process for 20 minutes. Afterwards, rinse hair thoroughly. STEP 3 Blow dry the hair and seal, strand by strand, with a flat iron.