Rescue System Treatment

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THE HIGHLY EFFECTIVE 2-PHASE HEALING SYSTEM YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR. THIS REVOLUTIONARY 2-PHASE HEALING SYSTEM IMMEDIATELY REVITALIZES EVEN THE MOST DAMAGED HAIR. STATE OF THE ART TECHNOLOGY REPOSITIONS THE HAIR'S PROTEINS AND AMINO ACID CHAINS, RESULTING IN STRONG, HEALTHY, AND SHINY HAIR. RESCUE SYSTEM 2.0 – ROOT TO TIP HAIR REPAIR The state of art developments made to our Rescue System will set any hairdresser’s pulse racing. Thanks to our intensified formula, stressed and damaged hair can now be repaired in a shorter time. Regular heat stylings and chemical treatments weaken the hair. As a result, the hair becomes porous, lifeless and stubborn. The Rescue System swiftly halts hair breakage repairs damaged hair and permanently seals nourishing life back into your hair.

How to use

STEP 1: Spray the Rescue Fluid onto the hair and carefully worked in using a brush. We recommend the Newsha Bye bye Tangle Brush. The intensified formula with innovative nanotechnology enables the product to swiftly deliver deep-acting hair repair treatment. The amino acids and protein chains contained in the hair fibers are repositioned, thus putting an end to porous hair and revitalizing it. STEP 2: Now that the hair is prepped, apply the Rescue Treatment. The highly effective nourishing ingredients will provide the hair with moisture and permanently sealed into the hair. Wrap your hair and leave the treatment on for at least five minutes. During this time the Rescue Treatment passing through the sealed layer of the cuticle for the deepest conditioning. Once time has expired rinse your hair thoroughly.