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A unique breast volumizing spray to administer directly into the fabric before wearing it; Bra's Pump Filler will turn your bra into a cosmetic! With immediate visible results it will gently enhance and soften your breasts. Suitable for all skin types. Spray Volume Me from Petit Jardin Milano on your bra and turn it into a cosmetic! The selected active ingredients transfer from the textile to the skin due to an innovative technology based on electrostatic charge, ensuring the continuous absorption by epidermis. An innovative hexapeptide, designed especially for volume increase, to soften the skin and to make it more compact from the first applications. Visible results after only two weeks of constant use and after one month, breasts become filled, firmer and more turgid. 

How to use

Spray the product on the bra for a minimum of 3 times on each cup (increase the spray based on size), let it dry after each application, then wear. Use the bra for at least 8 hours. Repeat every day. Doesn’t stain clothes.