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Mont Bleu Waterfall Color - Red / Light Pink crystals Glass Nail File

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Design: Waterfall Color Description: Color glass nail file with Red / Light Pink Swarovski crystals Size: 135mm long, 2mm thickness

How to use

They do not damage nails – ideal nail care tool. They are easy to clean – a pro for personal hygiene. They have a lifelong guarantee on the filling surface – Health – Thanks to its filling surface, crystal nail files do not harm nails and actually prevent nails from splitting. Hygiene – Crystal nail files are water-resistant, so they don’t absorb moisture from nails and hands. They can be easily sterilized by usual methods, to prevent infections or fungus spreading. These features are particularly important, for professionals, who work in beauty salons, serving several clients a day. Durability – Firmness is reached due to the technology of ion exchange used. The Czech glass is hardened, and during the production process the files are tempered to make sure that they never break during everyday day use. Longevity – Glass nail files will last a life time. You don’t have to buy a second glass nail file, unless you want to give them as a gift or buy yourself a set of them. This is possible due to special glass processing. Safety – The edges of the files are sanded up by hand, to prevent cuttings. Due to specific features of Czech glass and it’s processing, even if the file breaks, it will never cause any injury, because it will break into big pieces without bevels. Functionality – Glass nail files can be given as a gift for yourself or for close ones, at the same time it is a professional tool for nail care, a souvenir from foreign trips, a promotional item for corporate actions, a tool that removes coarse skin from your feet, or even a nail care tool for your pet. • How to take care of your file and clean it? Wash THE file to remove the nail dust accumulated on its surface, and it will become like new again. Carry them in protective cases (suede or plastic) to prevent unexpected breakage. Try not to drop it on a hard surface. wash the file with warm water, and a sponge if preferred. Other methods, like extra hot water, infrared lamp, autoclave or detergents are mostly used by professionals in nail salons.