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He shi supreme Spray Tan solution

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He-Shi Supreme Spray Tan Solution has been designed to give the ultimate spray tan whilst containing some of the best organic ingredients you can find within He-Shi Self Tan range. With 12% DHA, the He-Shi Supreme Spray Tan Solution is the darkest colour strength within the He-Shi Professional Spray Tan Solutions delivering the deepest tan as its contains colour enhancing ingredients, ensuring the richest result. Professional Spray Tan Solutions from He-Shi come in 4 colours, Gold, Dark, Supreme and the new Rapid Tan. Each spray tan requires one over all application by using no more than 50ml per full body. He-Shi Supreme Spray Tan Solution is a luxurious instant self tanning bronzer which tans on contact and will last upto 7-10 days. With its ‘see where it goes formula’ you can be confident of not developing streaks or patches. The colour guide allows the therapist to visually see the depth of colour when applying to the skin. Our spray tan’s are lightly fragranced to disguise the smell of tanning. Benefits to He-Shi Supreme Spray Tan Solution:- 100% NATURAL DHA By using organic DHA our products are now more natural than ever. PARABEN FREE We have replaced controversial parabens with a gentle alternative preservative system to keep the solution useable for longer ALCOHOL FREE Applying alcohol to the skin has a drying effect so we simply removed it A LONGER LASTING COLOUR Includes moisturise lock technology - Pentavitin for results lasting up to 10 days. Added primarily for its moisture retention, regulating and binding properties. Protects dry skin against symptoms such as brittleness, roughness, unevenness, faintness and itching Clinically proven – tests have shown that PENTAVITIN improved hydration of the skin by up to 40% ACTIVELY MOISTURISES THE SKIN With moisture lock technology, Isopentyldiol works alongside Pentavitin. Primarily for its moisture retention – helping to maintain high moisture content in the skin Clinically proven – tests have shown a 110% increase in moisture content 5 minutes after application ANTI-AGEING INGREDIENTS Our Youth Revive formula includes highly moisturising ingredients which whilst rejuvenating your skin’s appearance will to help to fight the signs of ageing – we pride ourselves on multi-functional tanning with skincare benefits A DELICATE FRAGRANCE ON THE SKIN Infused with low levels of Vitamin E fragrance to subtly disguise the smell of DHA AS QUICK DRYING AS EVER Because with He-Shi the mist goes on so finely, it doesn’t soak the skin and therefore always dries quickly. He-Shi Supreme Spray Tan Solution develops within 6-8 hours to give the best self tan with a natural glow lasting for up to 10 days.

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