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Three minute treatment that effects the tone of the hair. Amazing product that corrects unwanted tones, enchants the desirable tones, and creates a brilliant shine. Awesome way to get healthy, shiny, and vibrant hair. Mask comes in six colors: Honey, Melon, Chocolate, Cherry, Blueberry and Pearl. Highly conditioning cream base penetrates hair leaving it soft and silky. Active Ingredients include hempseed oil, for extra softness and shine, and hydrating silk proteins for protection and manageability. Mask provides a temporary color match to prolong the color-stay. It also refreshes and adds tone to colored and natural hair. The mask is also great for fading on tone and hiding gray hair. It's so easy to use and the perfect fast color refresher

How to use

Simply apply after shampoo. For equal distribution comb through, leave on for 2-3 minutes and rinse. Use on color-treated or bleached hair to contrast yellowish-gold reflexes; natural white or grey hair to eliminate yellowish tones. Make it your daily routine for a dazzling healthy colored hair.